A World Away …

… and 68 years ago — in 1949 to be exact — this photo was taken at the town of Gyantse, Tibet. Anyone familiar with the breed and the breed’s history is instantly drawn to the simple black/white photo depicting an owner, his two dogs, and the starkness of the Himalayan Plateau.  Note the “belled” collar on the smaller dog …

Tibetan woman with Apsos 1949

The following recently showed up on Facebook … rare color footage of what led up to this stunning photograph from the Huntley Film Archives.  “Two men hold up a pair of Tibetan Terrier dogs, which struggle in their arms, both men and dogs look vaguley uncomfortable about the whole thing.”  While the commentary notes “Tibetan Terrier” (known as a “Dokhi Apso”), their size which is more evident in the film clip may be more indicative of a Lhasa Apso (Abso Seng Kye).  It could be surmised that the owner simply called them “Apsos.”


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